Information on safe cycling in Florida

Don't ride without a helmet.
Don't ride against the traffic.
Always have a light front and rear at night
Courteousness to pedestrians on sidewalks.
Always carry your cell phone and ID with you on rides.
Ride with a buddy.
Wear cycling gloves.
Hydrate on those hot Florida days
Sunscreen on your arms and the back of your neck!!
Sunglasses to protect your sclera from nasty sun scarring.
Put air in your tires before your ride- saves your energy.
On long rides: drink before you're thirsty, snack before your hungry.
Don't trust that the driver sees you- s/he doesn't. Eye contact does not mean s/he won't run you over.
Don't ride drunk unless you are the back of tandem-You will get a ticket.
If the traffic is rush hour, stay on the sidewalk- cell phones can kill.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012 Donates $2,000 to Tampa Police Dept for "3 Feet" Window Decals in the news with Tampa Chief of Police and Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

Weird how it is.   You see an idea and follow up on it.
I was driving in a suburb patrolled by a Tampa Police Department cruiser.  the the back I saw this:

 So, I called up Alan Snel of Southwest Bicycle United Dealers (SWFBUD) and said: "Hey, what are those doing on the cruiser?"  He explained that about 50 of the 400 cruisers Tmpa Police Department had these stickers on them.  I said: "How do we get the rest of them covered with stickers?"  He said he is good friends with the Chief, Jane Castor, and that he'd ask her.  Well, he asked and Chief Castor was glad to get a donation of money for the more of the cruisers to get the stickers on them.  So and SWFBUD had a ceremony (complete with BIG check) with Chief Castor and Mayor Bob Buckhorn to donate money for the stickers for more stickers on the back of police cruisers.
It got written up:

NOW, think of the message the local motorists are getting from the back of these cruisers. Think of the message the police officers are getting from the back of these cruisers as they sit in the garage.  Think of the general public's message.  Wait....... Think of the message to all the delegates from all over the United States at the Republican National Convention when they see the message on Tampa Police cruisers!   Maybe other cities and town leaders will get the message too: bicycle riders have rights!

Now think, if it's going to stop the killing of our fellow cyclists, pretty cheap donation, huh?

Here's the official video from the Tampa Police Department:

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