Information on safe cycling in Florida

Don't ride without a helmet.
Don't ride against the traffic.
Always have a light front and rear at night
Courteousness to pedestrians on sidewalks.
Always carry your cell phone and ID with you on rides.
Ride with a buddy.
Wear cycling gloves.
Hydrate on those hot Florida days
Sunscreen on your arms and the back of your neck!!
Sunglasses to protect your sclera from nasty sun scarring.
Put air in your tires before your ride- saves your energy.
On long rides: drink before you're thirsty, snack before your hungry.
Don't trust that the driver sees you- s/he doesn't. Eye contact does not mean s/he won't run you over.
Don't ride drunk unless you are the back of tandem-You will get a ticket.
If the traffic is rush hour, stay on the sidewalk- cell phones can kill.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Great Tips for those just leaving college and the bike thieves...

Saw these helpful tips on the South Florida Bicycle Coaltition Blogspot.:
If you see somone trying to steal a bike at your dorm or a commute spot (he'll have cutters for the lock-dead give away)
  1. Resist the urge to be a hero. You can confront the thief/ves (wouldn’t that feel good!?) but if you are not completely confident that the thief won’t turn around and clock you with the bolt cutters, it’s not worth risking a lifetime of rides to save just one.
  2. Be calm but assertive. IF you have to confront them: One story we have heard works is from someone who just went up to the thieves and said, “hey – that’s my bike.” They mumbled and then quickly motorcycled away. The added perk is if you’re wrong, you’ll know right away by the look on the guy’s face. How would you respond if someone went up to you and claimed your saddle belonged to them?
  3. USE YOUR PHONE. Take a picture. Write down a description of the guy/s. Get video if you can. Call the police right away – you might get lucky and save the day.
  4. Leave a note: If you witness a theft and are unable to stop it, leave your contact information for the poor soul. S/he will want the photos and description you took.
  1. Please report it. Your report goes into police databases and supports police stings that focus on bike theft. Police don’t try to prevent repeats of crimes they don’t have on file.
  2. Post a picture and the serial number on Craiglist with the subject: BIKE STOLEN. There are success stories of reunited bikes and owners this way.
  3. Tell everyone you know. If you send us the craigslist link, we’ll be sure to share it on our facebook and twitter. We can email it out to members and friends in your area, too.
  1. For the love of two wheels, please lock your bicycle correctly.
REGISTER YOUR BIKE: Take a moment to register your bike today with the National Bike Registry: If your bike ever ends up in a police holding or with a reputable bike shop, you can get it back!